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In the era when everything has gone online, even Arts isn’t left behind. Since the ‘90s, the craze for visual arts has taken the art industry by storm and has brought about a revolution in perceiving arts. Imagine how wonderful it is to choose something off our taste online, and have it in our hands within a few days! It is indeed wonderful to get back to the old art forms and to be able to select out of an ocean of genres and styles.

We do love to have several options for everything, from food to dresses to phones, and the list goes on. Arts and paintings are no exclusions. We all have a particular taste for everything as well, and is this one-step destination for visual art lovers wherein we can choose from a myriad of options satiating our hunger and thirst for art. Let us have a sneak peek into what this site offers. Meanwhile, find out the reasons why you should play online blackjack.

Why do you need this platform

When you have a little knowledge about a topic or a word but would like to know more about it, what do you do?

  • Google it
  • Refer to an encyclopedia or
  • Go through it in a dictionary. is this encyclopedia of a visual art masterpiece. It offers to trace art out of 2,50,000 artworks, by 3000 artists, in 8 local languages. It includes paintings from famous museums, town halls, and civic buildings of more than 100 countries.

For art lovers who love to tour around the world and would love to view the paintings inside famous buildings of every institution of archaeological, historical, or political importance, this is your go-to place.

You may not be satisfied only by viewing it, but would also like a similar piece exactly replicated and produced for you. Even that is presented by the 1st Art Gallery, which offers your favorite work to be hand made through oil painting and reproduced, as is.

How to search on if you know only a little about an art form?

It can provide up to end information of those Artists through their –

  • Art Movements 

Few artists are subdivided based on famous movements in particular space and time. These are also classified in happenings in the Western and Eastern regions, their style and iconic aspects. Also, categorization under ‘century’ diversifies the time frame in which the artist was stated active.

  • Schools and Groups

Few art schools depict art followed by a group of artists concerning the themes and style of the artworks they create. These schools are reflections of their paintings for formal education.

  • Fields & Nationalities

Artists are also categorized based on materials and techniques they design to create meaningful artworks. The classification here is based on their cultural identity, ethnicity, or the place of their origin.

  • Art Institutions

These are subcategories according to places of professional training received or provided by various artists. Some of them taught art in the same institutions they learned and contributed back to society.

The website also gives a bird’s eye view dividing various Artworks according to their:

  • Style & Genre

Style & Genre

For ease of classification, these are subdivided into Ancient, Western, Modern, and other art forms, with these three being the leading ones. The division here is based on themes and objects designed in an Artwork. Hierarchy followed by Europeans in the 17th century states that History and Portrait painting ranked high and Genre painting, Landscape and still life ranked low instead of the absence of the human subject.

History aced the list due to the involvement of noble humanity events. It has no relevance with the contemporary art form and classifies only into two primary forms – Abstract and Figurative.

  • Media

This encourages and enhances the modern materials and techniques used to develop an art form. With the developing techniques and a variety of materials used, the term Mixed Media has come into the picture lately.

Recently a section of short stories was added as an addition to the art forms already stated. These new stories depict Art in the form of motion pictures and grab instant attention.


Besides the stated forms, advanced search options concerning varying numbers of years are also available. You can get anything ranging from the most popular ones to any random artwork, and the list keeps on increasing with each passing day. And what’s more, you can even get these replicated, reproduced, and hand-made with oil paintings from the famous online art gallery

Gone are the days of regret wherein you once wish to steal a look at Monalisa, dreaming it to be in front of your eyes. Now is the time to have it hanging on your wall !!