What Are The Popular World War 2 Video Games?

As countries fought it out and countless lives were lost, World War II changed the path of history forever. History majors are frequently fascinated by the happenings and wars that occurred during this period, and they want to study more about it. Several video games would be ideal for these students as they explore the battle from many perspectives.

For the past 75 years, veterans’ experiences, movies, books, and TV series have kept memories of World War II intact, but how will those stories be shared when the number of people who went through those formative years isn’t around anymore? Video games are an unexpected source for the WWII narrative. Video games are becoming more realistic as time passes in terms of technology developments and in terms of including real people and incorporating advice from legitimate military historians.

The videogames that have been produced focus on the period of World War II and strive to be historically accurate. They all have different perspectives on the battle, but they’ll all provide these experts with plenty of information. 

These are among the best WW2 games that have been produced, ranging from vast, free-to-play vehicular battles to complicated combat operations, with more on the way in the future years. 


World of Tanks, Wargaming’s main free-to-play WW2 game, is concerned with tanks, thus the name. It’s chock-full of highly accurate artillery platforms and tracks to swoon over before launching into war. As you collect competencies and knowledge after each stressful encounter, you can investigate, unlock, and acquire hundreds of these magnificent vehicles.

World of Tanks is a videogame in which you can immerse yourself, play for a while, and have a good time. It appears simple, and even though it’s not like your top 80s arcade game – it’s arcade-like on the surface. However, behind the exterior is the noisy, furious engine of something more drastic.


Through the Darkest of Times is a videogame developed by Paintbucket Games, an indie studio based in Berlin. Users portray a German resistance organization living in Berlin during WWII. A team of German students known as the White Rose sought to defy the Nazi dictatorship. 

The story put students to death, and the game attempts to portray that scenario to some extent. Traditionally, video games are about player dominance and enacting out a powerful fantasy. The weapons of the weak, such as sabotage, and leaflet distribution, are frequently used in these tasks. 

The game introduces players to a part of history that most people are unfamiliar with, whereas the game’s mechanics demonstrate how tough it was for ordinary people to fight Nazism.


War Thunder accurately depicts World War II as a joint force operation, with air, land, and sea forces contributing absolutely critical efforts. It began by focusing on the war’s massive aerial combats but quickly expanded to include field operations via destructive tank combat and naval operations through its sea-based extension.

This outstanding free WW2 game delivers a terrific gaming experience that perfectly lies in the middle ground between detailed simulation and action combat, including a bewildering amount of historically accurate planes, war tanks, and vessels from quite much every nation participating in the battle. War Thunder, like a simulation, has a high level of precision that makes it an intriguing game to play. 

Every machine has a distinct feel to it and presents its own range of difficulties. Even though you’re not fighting, there are techniques to consider as you fill your hangars with new vehicles and modify them to fit your strategy.



Almost all of the World War II games make little reference to the great catastrophes like the Holocaust. While Call of Duty: WWII falls into the stereotypes and pitfalls that come with WWII online games, such as a lot of theatrics and cinematic set plays, the developers at Activision have something bold by bringing up the Holocaust in a big AAA videogame. 

In this game, your mission is to liberate a concentration camp. There is no bloodshed. The player is only solemnly going over the concentration camp’s relics. This first-person video game’s best feature is the multiplayer D-Day landing, which actively involves players in the fight. 

It also includes the standard Call of Duty gameplay modes and zombie modes for those who want to add a fantasy element to the battle. This game is also famous, and it is ideal for every history major searching for the complete package.


Not shortly after Call of Duty: WWII, Battlefield V was released. It was EA DICE’s second Battlefield title. This videogame, too, was set in World War II and featured combat that was full of extreme action as you fought over different places and played upon numerous characters. The story was divided into segments or chapters, each set in a different year, place, and combat. 

As you progress through the war, the game developers hope to provide some of the deep war stories soldiers faced while fighting for their nation in the middle of turmoil and destruction. This is not only a story-driven game, but there was also a strong emphasis on a multiplayer feature in which players could participate in various battles or game modes focused around various objectives.


Attentat 1942 is about the rule of the Nazis of Czechoslovakia, involving survivors. It was developed by Charles University in Prague. You can complete this game in two to three hours, so it’s the kind of relaxing, low-cost videogame you could enjoy in an afternoon. 

The game was developed with the help of a handful of historians, and it stands out for its adherence to the war’s history. It combines engaging gaming mechanics with historically accurate details.


Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is a multiplayer online role-playing game. Players engage in harsh multiplayer game types centered on the Battle of Stalingrad, which took place around 1942 to 1943. Players can immediately engage in ferocious gunfights with the opposing force while simultaneously participating in a much more strategic operation with a group of highly experienced gamers. 

Fortunately, some sites include AI, allowing you to feel the gameplay fundamentals before moving on to something more intense. This videogame has been around since 2011, but it still has a large fan base. It also has a modding community, which means you may gain more maps and features for Red Orchestra 2, courtesy to some creative enthusiasts.


Hearts of Iron IV tries to recreate as closely as possible the beginning conditions for several global powers within the late 1930s, giving you the option of either replicating history or pursuing a hypothetical scenario in which you try to modify the war’s conclusion. Players utilize it to make more historically accurate scenarios. However, it’s also divisive because it’s famous among players who enjoy creating racist alternative histories. 

The core game is enjoyable, but some of the user-generated content can be unpleasant.