Are movies about World War 2 accurate?

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The second world war may have ended on September 2, 1945, with Japan’s formal surrender aboard the USS Missouri, but the film industry has never stopped fighting. Nearly 70 years later, the demand for WWII films is insatiable, and the supply appears limitless. More accurate movies about the second world war contribute … Read more

What Type of Beer Was Popular During World War 2?

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World War II is the bloodiest onslaught in human history and the largest military conflict ever, a distinction it will presumably retain indefinitely. Hundreds of millions of people were touched by the conflict, with 60-80 million dying before it ended. Famine, industrial-scale mortality, genocide, and the first-ever use of atomic weapons were … Read more

How Were Injuries Triaged in World War 2?

How Were Injuries Triaged in World War 2

A battle casualty’s experience in the Second World War was not dissimilar to that of a battle casualty in the First World War. Bullets and shells were the most prevalent causes of injury, and casualties were evacuated through a well-organized network of medical outposts, dressing stations, and hospitals. However, many medical breakthroughs … Read more

What were the major forest and mountain battles of World War 2?

What were the major forest and mountain battles of World War 2

World War II is indubitably the biggest and bloodiest global conflict in history, affecting and taking millions of lives and covering a vast scale, and that’s almost impossible to imagine. During its period, the rapid rise of technology gave birth to major science advances and safer, stronger, and quicker aircraft, allowing nations … Read more

What Are The Popular World War 2 Video Games?

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As countries fought it out and countless lives were lost, World War II changed the path of history forever. History majors are frequently fascinated by the happenings and wars that occurred during this period, and they want to study more about it. Several video games would be ideal for these students as … Read more

Why Was The Wizard of Oz So Popular During World War 2?

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The Wizard of Oz is one of the most famous movies in history. It was popular among both children and adults, and soon it became an event for Americans. Frank Baum wrote this novel before World War II, but nobody thought of its hidden message. For many years, people remembered this as … Read more

How Did World War 2 Soldiers Maintain Good Hygiene?

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World War 2 was one of the major global wars that started in 1939 and lasted till 1945. The war included the majority of world countries, i.e., all the major powers and military alliances. The countries that took part in World War 2 practically threw their entire industrial, scientific, and economic capabilities … Read more

Spitfire Uniforms: What did RAF Pilots wear in WW2?


Spitfire is the most renowned aircraft from WW2. Its groundbreaking specifications and top-end design provided its sheer advantage among many other planes during the World War 2 era. A true King by having the highest victory-to-loss record among British warplanes, the Spitfire gained monumental fame after being playing a huge in turning … Read more

What Types of Coffee Did Soldiers Drink in World War 2?

US Marines during the Guadalcanal Campaign in 1942

Coffee was originated in 850 AD. Yes, you would be surprised to know, but coffee is older than anyone can imagine. Shreds of evidence give us a hint that coffee was present in the 15th century in Yemen. After Yemen, people from Mecca and Medina got familiar with this luscious discovery.  Coffee … Read more

10 Facts About World War 2 That Will Blow Your Mind

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Famously known as the largest single event in human history, the unprecedented Second World War brought the world closest to “total warfare.” It was a conflict fought across six of the world’s seven continents and all its oceans. Approximately 27,000 people died every day during the war that lasted for six years. … Read more