What are the all time most popular movies about World War 2?

What are the all time most popular movies about World War 2

Cinema continues to attempt to portray the passion and misery, almost a century after the Second World War which claimed millions of lives and irrevocably altered the geopolitical landscape of the world. Through some of the best World War II films, writers and filmmakers have used screenplay and camera to recreate battlefields … Read more

Are movies about World War 2 accurate?

Historical Photos & Images, Fighter planes

The second world war may have ended on September 2, 1945, with Japan’s formal surrender aboard the USS Missouri, but the film industry has never stopped fighting. Nearly 70 years later, the demand for WWII films is insatiable, and the supply appears limitless. More accurate movies about the second world war contribute … Read more

10 Facts About World War 2 That Will Blow Your Mind

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Famously known as the largest single event in human history, the unprecedented Second World War brought the world closest to “total warfare.” It was a conflict fought across six of the world’s seven continents and all its oceans. Approximately 27,000 people died every day during the war that lasted for six years. … Read more

What Dog Breeds Were Used in World War 2?

What Dog Breeds Were Used in World War 2

A dog is a man’s bestfriend. That quote has been famous throughout our lifetime, perhaps. The thing is, it’s true ever since; the dog had been our companion for most of the time. The majority of people choose to get dogs due to their loyal nature. Still true to this day, the … Read more

What Are The Major Military Bases In New York State?

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During the 18th century, Great Britain was at the peak of colonizing lands and kingdoms, and America was one of their iconic colony. Back then, the soils of America are filled with British colonizers that settled mostly in the state of New York. New York’s neighboring states, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode … Read more

What Were Some of the Major Science Advances in World War II?

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World War II wasn’t just another ordinary war. It had the largest impact on the scientific advances and technology that are commonly used today. The enduring legacy of World War II changed the world of technology in all aspects. From warfare to economics, World War II’s technological and scientific advances had a … Read more

Iconic World War II Pictures

Rising the First Flag on Iwo Jima

Our world history is a fascinating topic to discuss as it holds various events that made a significant impact on our lives. These events are known for some horrific and triumphant moments witnessed by millions of people worldwide. One of the most important events that shape the course of history Is the … Read more