Can Your Emotional Intelligence Improve Your Poker?

Can Your Emotional Intelligence Improve Your Poker

Our thought processes and actions are driven by emotions. Similarly, emotions can also make us act irrationally. While many will affirm that getting rid of emotions is the key to success in poker, finding the right balance between logical and emotional thinking is the right thing. After all, there are lots of … Read more

Budweiser Honors Military Heritage

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Olive drab cans are what they’re called. The beer producers designed the cans in this manner so that they would not reflect on the battlefield and would aid to keep our men safe. Before world war II, no one drank from cans. They’d pop the cans open and pour the beer into … Read more

The History of Florida Orange Juice

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When we hear about the beautiful state of Florida, we would often think about National Parks and their ever-famous sandy beaches. Indeed Florida undoubtedly has some of the best sights to offer to its tourists. Still, one aspect we tend to forget about Florida is its common fruit farming, specifically the famous … Read more – the Best Destination for Art Lovers

the best destination for art lovers

In the era when everything has gone online, even Arts isn’t left behind. Since the ‘90s, the craze for visual arts has taken the art industry by storm and has brought about a revolution in perceiving arts. Imagine how wonderful it is to choose something off our taste online, and have it … Read more