Can Your Emotional Intelligence Improve Your Poker?

Our thought processes and actions are driven by emotions. Similarly, emotions can also make us act irrationally. While many will affirm that getting rid of emotions is the key to success in poker, finding the right balance between logical and emotional thinking is the right thing.

After all, there are lots of emotional swings – as well as numerous variables – involved in poker. Take, for instance, you begin playing with 10,000 chips, and a great hand doubles these for you to 20,000 chips. This success comes with a great feeling when you get your chips from the dealer.

Your ability to improve – and make the most of the power of your emotions – is crucial to winning in poker. Indeed, your emotional intelligence is as essential as your Intelligence Quotient (IQ). You can enjoy great power if you can tame your emotion and harness its power. This comprehensive guide will explain more about this.

Emotions are related to memory

The link between emotions and memory makes it important to not turn the former off while playing poker. After all, you can become a bad player when you lose the memory of the strategies you have learned. Since memories are crucial in mastering poker, it is worth pointing out that emotions are what make memories stick.

The brain does more than gather information. It is also involved in processing our emotions and thought processes. This ensures that we learn from different choices. Take, for instance, without emotion, there is no way a player can reinvent themselves after a period of a downswing.

“Experience is the best teacher” is a popular saying, which implies that you can only learn best when something happens to you, rather than hearing about them. In other words, experience is the perfect storm your memory needs to learn from situations. On the other hand, emotion is an experience that is often associated with physiological arousal.

You must be careful when playing poker. After all, the decision you make is a complex combination of logic, as well as the memory and associated feelings of a specific situation. While it is true that playing at a top gambling platform like Casino777 can be an advantage, you must know that being a beginner or an inexperienced player means that you might find it hard to make the best judgment. Yet, you can only become better when you practice more.

In addition, by understanding the emotions and thought processes of your opponents while playing poker, it becomes easier to predict their movies. This includes recognizing the tells, anger, and frustration your opponents might inadvertently give out. Besides this, you can also – in a sporting way – goad your opponents into bringing out emotions you can act on to give an edge over them.

Furthermore, it must be stressed that when you get too emotional, your judgment can be compromised. The key to this is to ensure that you must arm yourself with the finite capability to gather any incoming information, process them – regardless of your high emotional state – and make the best decision based on them. This ensures that you can play the game with clear thinking. After all, it is essential not to only focus on how you can learn with your emotions but also on how you can appreciate the adverse effects excessive emotions can have on your game.


It is easy to get angry. However, it is very hard to get angry to the right degree, with the right person, in the right way, for the right purpose, and at the right time. For this reason, thanks to the fact that emotions are always involved in poker, you must practice how to make the most of your power of emotion to get positive results.