What’s your favorite American airplane picture?

You’ll find more than one american airplane picture in this gallery. Click on the name of the plane or on the image to view a page dedicated to each aircraft, complete with specifications and more photos.

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4 thoughts on “What’s your favorite American airplane picture?

  1. Albert

    Where can I find (on a web site) a complete listing with photos of WWII fighter aircraft? This site doesn’t have many.

  2. Albert

    In response to the question; “What’s your favorite American airplane picture?”. I love the one of the old Lockheed P2V-5/7 Neptune making a torpedo run on a submarine. I was a crew chief and flew in the Neptune for 3 years.

  3. barnry baker

    The Corsair . Just a real mean looking plane for the time. Plus almost 450 mph helped it earn RESPECT!!!

  4. Stella

    My father landed on Hokkaido Island during WWII. His rank was AMM1. A flight engineer or instruments man. He spent time on the USS Chanticleer. Any idea as to the type of aircraft he would have flown in.
    Thank you


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