What are some of the most famous quotes of World War 2?

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Many household names emerged from World War 2, including world presidents, generals, significant political figures, and specific troops. In the years that followed, quotes continued to play a significant role in the battle, since they provide insight into the personalities involved. A lot can be learned from these quotes and help paint … Read more

Who are the most decorated service members of World War 2?

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The Second World War, or simply World War II, was a conflict that spanned nearly the whole world from 1939 to 1945. The Axis forces, which included Germany, Italy, and Japan, and the Allies, which included France, Great Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union, were the main combatant, and to … Read more

Who are the most decorated pilots of World War 2?

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There were innumerable aerial engagements over the Pacific and in Europe during World War II. In the six years of the conflict, it is believed that nearly 40,000 pilots died in aerial combat. Though many who fought will be remembered, some legends stand out above the others. There were innumerable aerial engagements … Read more

What are the all-time most popular books about World War 2?

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Some of the most intriguing and impactful nonfiction books ever published are about World War II. The Second World War was never simply one war; rather, it was a number of wars combined into one. To call it a simple war is almost a misnomer. It was undoubtedly too enormous, diverse, and … Read more

What are the all time most popular movies about World War 2?

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Cinema continues to attempt to portray the passion and misery, almost a century after the Second World War which claimed millions of lives and irrevocably altered the geopolitical landscape of the world. Through some of the best World War II films, writers and filmmakers have used screenplay and camera to recreate battlefields … Read more