How Did WW2 Soldiers Heat MRE Coffee in the Field?

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Since its debut in 1983, the Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) has come a long way. Additionally, the concept of battle rations has undergone a significant amount of essential development and adjustment. Compared to what was available in the early 1900s, MREs today appear to be exquisite cuisine, but they continue to … Read more

History of the Military Backpack

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Backpacks have been around since before the early 1900s when Americans invented the term “backpack.” Backpacks have always been an important tool for humans, originally used by hunters to carry their gear or gatherers to transport their produce. Military backpacks first appeared in the United States in the mid-nineteenth century, sparking the … Read more

Caring for WW2 Jungle Boots for Posterity

Caring for WW2 Jungle Boots for Posterity

Jungle boots are a form of combat boot developed for use in jungle warfare or in hot, humid settings where a conventional leather combat boot would be unpleasant or unsuited. To aid in ventilation and moisture drainage, jungle boots contain vent holes in the instep and, in some cases, a canvas upper. … Read more

Budweiser Honors Military Heritage

Budweiser Honors Military Heritage

Olive drab cans are what they’re called. The beer producers designed the cans in this manner so that they would not reflect on the battlefield and would aid to keep our men safe. Before world war II, no one drank from cans. They’d pop the cans open and pour the beer into … Read more

Are movies about World War 2 accurate?

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The second world war may have ended on September 2, 1945, with Japan’s formal surrender aboard the USS Missouri, but the film industry has never stopped fighting. Nearly 70 years later, the demand for WWII films is insatiable, and the supply appears limitless. More accurate movies about the second world war contribute … Read more