How Were Injuries Triaged in World War 2?

Red Army troops in a counter-offensive on German positions at the Battle of Kursk

A battle casualty’s experience in the Second World War was not dissimilar to that of a battle casualty in the First World War. Bullets and shells were the most prevalent causes of injury, and casualties were evacuated through a well-organized network of medical outposts, dressing stations, and hospitals. However, many medical breakthroughs … Read more

What were the major forest and mountain battles of World War 2?

What were the major forest and mountain battles of World War 2

World War II is indubitably the biggest and bloodiest global conflict in history, affecting and taking millions of lives and covering a vast scale, and that’s almost impossible to imagine. During its period, the rapid rise of technology gave birth to major science advances and safer, stronger, and quicker aircraft, allowing nations … Read more

What Are The Popular World War 2 Video Games?

As countries fought it out and countless lives were lost, World War II changed the path of history forever. History majors are frequently fascinated by the happenings and wars that occurred during this period, and they want to study more about it. Several video games would be ideal for these students as … Read more